Sunday, October 12, 2014

Knots in muscles, knots in chains. Same thing.

 I often compare my approach on tight muscles to loosening up a knot in a chain. If you try to yank and pull vigorously on a chain to get a knot out, that could cause damage to the chain and even break it. When a massage therapist jumps right in and starts working without taking the time to feel the restrictions (knots) in their client's muscles, they can potentially tear and damage the muscle even further. I use finesse and concentration to find restrictions whenever I come across a tight muscle. I place my hands on the restriction and slowly add a little bit of pressure until I find the source of it. When I find it I hold it still for a while and ask my client to describe any feelings coming up -physical, emotional, or otherwise (when an injury occurs there's often an emotion that can go along with it, but more on that later)- then I entrain my hands to the rhythm of their body. As I meld my hands, their rhythm changes and loosens the deepest part of the knot enough for me to find a starting point for my massage. Once I have a clear idea of how the muscle is knotted I use the bigger, broader massage techniques to release it. Prepare yourself for some stillness!

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