Friday, November 25, 2011

Long time no see!

     A lot has happened since my last post.  Right around Christmas 2010, I did a marketing campaign similar to the Groupon.  I sold over 300 massages for half price and redeemed most of them before June.  It was a wild ride!  I met lots of interesting people, and gained many regular clients.  Although tiring, I'm glad I did it.  In the middle of my Groupon experience, I started feeling really tired. I started keeping a few hours every afternoon free so I could take naps.  I figured I was tired because of all the massages I was giving.  It turns out, I was pregnant!  
It's been a great experience for me to practice what I preach in my career as a therapist.
I always tell people to take care of themselves and to encourage self awareness of one's body and feelings, now I've had the best kind of opportunity to listen to my own body and discover my limits as my pregnancy progresses.  I'm amazed on a daily basis at this little growing child in my belly and how gentle we both are to each other as I do my best to pay attention to him and give him the nurturing he needs.  
     I'll work until December 10, then take a break for a while to nest and snuggle up with the newest addition to our family (due December 22nd). I plan on coming back in March to resume my work schedule on a part time basis.
     Until then, I hope to resume my blogging habit with a few posts now and then.