Sunday, October 12, 2014

Knots in muscles, knots in chains. Same thing.

 I often compare my approach on tight muscles to loosening up a knot in a chain. If you try to yank and pull vigorously on a chain to get a knot out, that could cause damage to the chain and even break it. When a massage therapist jumps right in and starts working without taking the time to feel the restrictions (knots) in their client's muscles, they can potentially tear and damage the muscle even further. I use finesse and concentration to find restrictions whenever I come across a tight muscle. I place my hands on the restriction and slowly add a little bit of pressure until I find the source of it. When I find it I hold it still for a while and ask my client to describe any feelings coming up -physical, emotional, or otherwise (when an injury occurs there's often an emotion that can go along with it, but more on that later)- then I entrain my hands to the rhythm of their body. As I meld my hands, their rhythm changes and loosens the deepest part of the knot enough for me to find a starting point for my massage. Once I have a clear idea of how the muscle is knotted I use the bigger, broader massage techniques to release it. Prepare yourself for some stillness!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Aiming for quality, not quantity.

When I plan my day at Moon Valley Massage, I allow time between treatments to get the room ready for my next client and re-center myself. It helps me maintain an easygoing attitude and communicates to my clients that I'm respectful of their time. If I say 3:00, I intend to have you in the room relaxing at 3:00. Not ending my last massage and rushing around. I've also learned that there's a limit to the number of people I see each day. If I go over that limit, I'm physically and psychically wiped out by the time my last client comes through the door. And that's not fair to either one of us! So, in order to stay strong and focused for each of my clients, I try to be discerning of my day-to-day schedule. If you call and I can see you on the same day, consider yourself very lucky!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Five Supplements I always keep in my Health Cabinet

Confession: There was a time when I was uninsured (gasp!).
In my twenties, I didn't feel like it was a big priority so I fore-went the insurance. I was fortunate enough to work at Clovers Natural Market, a health food store that promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages all of their employees to learn about supplements and complimentary medicine. The people working at Clovers don't just work there, they practice what they recommend to their clients. Since then I've become insured, but I'm still surprised at how easy it is to get prescription medicine for (virtually) free! It costs money to take care of yourself. But if you can, isn't it worth it to strengthen your body before you end up at the doctor's office? Over the years I've tried many things, but these five are always in my health cabinet.  

Vitamin C
Omega-3 (everyday)
Multi w/ Folic Acid (everyday)

Zinc: A great immune booster. I take it when I start to feel sick, or if I'm entering a situation where I know there are sick people around.

Vitamin C: Another immune booster. I'm always giving it to my son to help him stave off illnesses at his daycare. Taken daily, it's a good way to manage seasonal allergies.

Probiotic: I feel good about drinking a komboucha once or twice a week to help balance the flora in my gut. I kick it up with a daily probiotic if I have to take an antibiotic. Antibiotics kill all the bad stuff lurking around, but they also kill all the good stuff meant to defend your body against infection and viruses.  

Omega-3:  I take Omega-3 every day to control inflammation in my joints, it can also help with allergies. In addition to controlling inflammation, it's also good for cardiovascular function. Cardiovascular disease runs in my family and I figured its not a bad idea. 

Multi-Vitamin w/ Folic Acid:  Folic acid is a member of the B vitamin family. It helps to manage stress, maintain efficient brain function, and help to prevent certain types of cancer. Some medications actually lower the amount of folic acid in the body; so when I'm looking for a multi, it only makes sense to find one that contains folic acid. To find out more about Folic Acid, check out this link: Food Nutrition/Folic Acid

So, that's why I keep these supplements in my health cabinet.
Find what resonates with you, and take care!