Monday, October 15, 2012

Subtle changes

It's been a fun autumn here in Moon Valley, there's a grove of maple trees behind our house and the fall colors are incredible. The light reflecting off the leaves into our house beckons me to come outside and enjoy the weather! The changes day to day are so subtle, but if I pay attention, I notice that the forest is a little more orange each day and there's more light coming through the canopy.  This is also how I approach my clients on the massage table.  The changes in a tense muscle can be so quiet, if I'm not paying attention, it's easy to miss. Recently, I was working hard on a client who just couldn't relax. Intuitively, I lightened up, and felt for the subtle movement of the muscle I was working on. Then I gradually applied a little bit of pressure, followed the movement and held the light pressure while the client took a few deep breaths, and the muscle released. You can't force the muscles to relax any more than you can force a green leaf to turn orange overnight. Now, I've got some fall foliage to admire!