Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bee Calm!

Last year in the bee yard, I got stung on the back of my hand.
That was my memory as I checked on the hive for the first time this year; a bee landed on my hand and my first reaction was to JUMP and shake my hand.  My second reaction was to laugh, because I wouldn't be a beekeeper if I was afraid of getting stung.
As I kept working, I grew more comfortable and forgot about being stung.  When I stopped being afraid, I was able to remember the beauty of what I was doing.

Checking a beehive has turned into one of my favorite things.  I let my mind take a rest while I go through the motions of lighting the smoker and pulling out each frame one by one to admire the productivity.    


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy is a state of mind.

I notice people rushing around more in my daily interactions with people.  Some of my clients rush in (late) to relax for an hour, or half hour, then they rush on to the next thing they have scheduled (shortly after their massage appointment). 
Why don’t they schedule more time for themselves?
I’m beginning to realize that Busy is a state of mind.

I often hear complaints about people being too busy.  They say it every time. 
Do people really like to be busy?
It may make us feel important, but does it make us successful?

In an effort to un-busy my life, I’ve been allowing plenty of time between my massages so I’m relaxed and refreshed for my next client. If your massage therapist is stressed out, how can that be a relaxing experience for you?  I plan ahead for the next day, having my clean sheets and a bottle of water by the door, and my lunch ready to grab in the fridge.  If I have errands to run, I have a list of what I need to get done.  This may sound like a drag, but it has helped me lead a more balanced life.

Since I have a young child now, almost every day I hear someone say: “Time goes so fast doesn’t it?”  Well, I have picked up the pace a bit, but that doesn’t mean I need to speed through and forget to enjoy the everyday routines and developments.  It’s been 17 weeks since Barry was born, and to me, it feels like, 17 weeks.  I’m fortunate to have a lifestyle where I can take time to be with my Son and revel in the mundane.

Next time you’re coming in for a massage, schedule enough time afterwards to kick your feet up with a refreshing beverage to further enhance the benefits.
….And the next time someone asks you how you’re doing, tell them that you’re living a balanced life!