Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nice People: the story of a lost blanket

   A few weeks ago, Barry and I went to the Capitol Building to encourage State Representatives to support a Bill promising more protection for Midwives in Missouri and insurance coverage for people choosing to have a home birth.  We took cookies and talked to a lot of nice Legislative Assistants.  When it was time to go, I discovered I had misplaced Barry's cowboy blanket.  We looked all over the place and couldn't find it.  I gave my name and address to a few people in case it turned up, but I wasn't expecting to see it ever again.
   We are quite fond of horses and all things "Old West" in our household, and we got this blanket as a gift from Nana, complete with a matching hat and onesie.  When we got home from our outing, I emailed the company where it came from Mad Boy Los Angeles explained what happened and a request to order another blanket (I couldn't find their blankets on the website, I think it was a special holiday deal if you ordered clothes).  It turns out, they were as upset as I was and, after a few comforting emails, they overnighted us a new blanket for free!  
   The day we received the new blanket, I was contacted by someone who found the Original blanket at the Capitol letting me know they were sending me the original lost blanket. 
How amazing!  I love nice people.