Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reiki is FREE!

Visited a friend in the assisted living home today.  She broke her ankle and is having a frustrating time.  Everyone staying in those places hopes it is only a temporary arrangement.  I am confident its only temporary for my friend.  But when she gets out, many changes will have to be made, like moving into an apartment with an elevator or on the ground floor.

I taught her Reiki to help her realize her own healing potential.

It seems like a necessary knowledge to be able to listen to your body and send healing to where its most needed.

Reiki is a simple technique to learn and an empowering way to improve your wellbeing.
I don't believe in charging money for it.  This knowledge should be free for everyone.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love the rain!

All the plants have been growing fast since it's been raining non stop for three days!  The Columbine have started blooming, and the strawberry plants seem to have doubled in quantity.  
Over the weekend a friend gave me some bleeding heart plants.  
I planted one in a container for the front door of my massage studio, adding something living and lovely to the studio entrance.
The other two I will plant in our woodland garden when the ground dries up a bit. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Living in the Land of Art

Me and fellow Moon Valley Therapists have a booth at the Artlandish Art Mart this weekend.  Last night, we had a blast.  HUGE success with the chair massage, and there were tons of cool people around!  One photographer brought a pony into the basement... don't ask me how it got there!  She was targeting the youngsters and as you can guess, they were going wild!
Our booth is right next to the hula hoop room and I got my hoop on when it was slow... which didn't happen until the end of the night.
Looking forward to another day in the Land of Art!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bee disappearance!

This morning Jacob and I went out to inspect the beehive and we discovered it was almost empty! :(
It's amazing how fast 3lbs of bees can disappear.  I am really disheartened, and totally baffled at this outcome.  It just goes to show, you can plan and plan and plan for something and then Nature comes up and sticks her tongue out at you.  I will accept this lesson and hope for more luck in the future.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hello Internet Explorers!
Welcome to my first post on Moon Valley Musings!  
I'm starting this blog to share with friends some of the cool stuff I encounter throughout my life. 
This past weekend, I became a beekeeper, I picked up 3 lbs of bees from WalkAbout Acres and brought them home to Moon Valley to start my own hive.  That was on Sunday.  Yesterday they looked pretty active. Today I'm unsure of my bee charming abilities.  The hive seems empty!  Reluctant to lift the lid to disturb anything, I put my ear to the hive to hear some buzzing, but it was quiet.  I saw a few bees flying around, but not like yesterday where I saw dozens.  I hope they didn't move away.  I 'm mostly concerned about the Queen.  She keeps everyone in line and if she left, I'll have to order more bees; or wait for someone to report a swarm.