Monday, October 6, 2014

Aiming for quality, not quantity.

When I plan my day at Moon Valley Massage, I allow time between treatments to get the room ready for my next client and re-center myself. It helps me maintain an easygoing attitude and communicates to my clients that I'm respectful of their time. If I say 3:00, I intend to have you in the room relaxing at 3:00. Not ending my last massage and rushing around. I've also learned that there's a limit to the number of people I see each day. If I go over that limit, I'm physically and psychically wiped out by the time my last client comes through the door. And that's not fair to either one of us! So, in order to stay strong and focused for each of my clients, I try to be discerning of my day-to-day schedule. If you call and I can see you on the same day, consider yourself very lucky!

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