Monday, March 16, 2015

Judgement! Who am I to say?

You've all heard about bullying, but did you know there's such a thing as physic bullying? It's an easy habit to gossip about people who are ill-aligned with your life choices and talk about their general terrible attitude. I personally can go on and on about what someone did, how someone's hurting someone else, what someone SHOULD do, etc. I feel bad after I do it and I've started to wonder if this kind of negativity I'm expressing can get back to them in some way and cause harm. Some kind of voodoo I'm unaware I'm engaging in. Am I cursing them? That's some pretty powerful shit!

Do you have someone you consistently bully psychically? What kind of harm are we causing to our unsuspecting victims?

In order to overcome this judgmental attitude, try to recognize when you're doing it. Are you in the middle of a conversation and you realize you're putting someone down? It's okay to stop mid-sentence and change the subject to something more positive. I've also noticed that I can waste a lot of time dwelling on something someone did to me, or to someone I love. When this happens I take a minute to center and ground myself, separate my thoughts from the negativity I've been reveling in, and think about something really loving. My own personal image is to shoot purple hearts and stars towards the person I was just attacking. -It sounds totally corny, I know, but I grew up in the eighties, when Lisa Frank was Goddess. Come up with your own personal image, but if mine works for you and makes you feel good, DO IT!
If we can send people love instead of sending them negativity, it can't hurt! We're taking steps in the right direction by changing our minds and directing it towards loving thoughts instead of judgement.

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